everyone already knows about self care


You come home and it’s late afternoon. The windows face west so the light is orange and diagonal and it’s still. It’s quiet but you’re tired, so you don’t notice the dishwasher is running. Then, a while later, you’re sitting at the kitchen table reading emails and the dishwasher stops. And suddenly you have this clarity of thought, like a headache you didn’t realize you had evaporates.


at your assistance.

Everything        just is.

Over time, I’ve grown crystals. I am the crystal caves, solar flare. I keep think there’s somewhere we can go where this doesn’t exist. Maybe if we can get away from the dry heat and shitty architecture there will be strawberry cake and the end of the world won’t be true.

I underestimated my depression.

Everyone already knows about self care. Everyone already knows you have to sleep enough and treat yourself with kindness. That’s not good enough.