Full Text: mirror broke me twice

i was always a we. If I repeat this phrase it moves outside my body.

People all the time say they are like a half: it is a poetic, it is a romantic. I am actually 1/2 but this doesn’t mean a thing.
People say, I’M DOING OKAY

Things: hoses,
hose water. Yellow rolling cart.

morning morning morning morning morning morning morning morning 

I can’t talk about it.
this is a hypocrisy; but let’s move on.

I’m wrestling with isolation again. Again. Goddamnit.

how should a person be?

how should two people be.

Ultimately, I know this is not unique.

Grilled Cheese and I have a Taurus moon.
Fry me up some potatoes, I am crying.

The /moon/ morning star is here, wake me. I spilled it, , /wake me./
Goldenrod Yukon Potato, 
I’m abstract noun
I’m noanna
I’m unbearable

Have you seen this movie, it’s really scary, it’s about twin brothers who are gynecologists. The entire movie is blue except when it’s red. Basically, they both develop addictions and go crazy. They had been living like only one gynecologist, and some other things go on too, they accidentally gaslight this woman and it drives her crazy so she leaves town and this breaks—

a great lake, or mountain. a mountain. a lake.

Again. Again. Goddamnit.

—the soft twin because he loves her. He begins to develop addictions. Fragile nerves. And at this point I stop being able to tell them apart, but he comes out of it just as the other brother starts to lose his shit and self-medicate. At some point in all this one of them commissions an artist to make tools for abnormal female anatomy which are terrifying. Their entire life falls apart and they help each other but also fall way deeper into the hole and then one brother, I think it was the soft one, dissects the other with the tools for abnormal female anatomy. They had decided it would be best for one of them to die. This is the most scared I have ever been.

i found I was separated not only from my mother but my brother too.
the mirror broke me twice.

I blame all my over-emotion on my Cancer rising.

how are you
how are you
how are you
how are you
how are you
how are you
how are you
how are you
how are you

Astrology asserts there is something, however small and jelly, fixed at birth. So does genetics.  We have the same chart, but are very different people. Does your body work? Can you breathe? Or will we be this way forever. I cannot find an astrologer to explain this to me. Did the moon shine on us differently? Or are we the same in ways I cannot know.

Do these things belong to you?

I am always screaming but you keep so much inside.

all options are unbearable.

k ck k kkque k qe kkkww ck cce cwe qah ckkeh q 

Two brothers at an impasse so they go on the radio. One believed it would ruin their relationship to know if they were identical, the other thought it would be fun.